The Apple iPad and JADAK's HS-2M... a powerful Bluetooth combination that's just what the doctor ordered
JADAK’s HS-2M is a bluetooth 1D and 2D barcode scanner that is also capable of capturing images which are then sent wirelessly to the iPad.

If you’re a medical professional using the iPad or even the newest iPad 2, an independent 1D and 2D barcode reader can be a crucial and convenient tool to have on hand when involved with point-of-care practices. Whether making the rounds or working with a fixed or mobile workstation or mobile medication cabinet, if you need to scan patient ID wristbands, records, barcoded medication, medical or surgical equipment, hospital documents or any barcoded patient data, the HS-2M from JADAK is the right tool for the job. Powerful, efficient and sleek in design, the HS-2M is rated IP54 and manufactured with medical grade plastics for tough medical cleaning regiments. In addition, the HS-2M is capable of taking digital pictures and transferring them to your iPad and into your network. The convenience of capturing images for visual record keeping is a great asset when performing day-to-day medical processes and procedures. Get the picture?

The HS-2 can be wall mounted with
the iPad for workstation applications

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